Frigerio Design Group
Skira, 2005


“Slow architecture for living”, a motto that presupposes a view of ??architecture as an activity with a high social value and at the same time as a profession with a strong awareness of its role and of the influence that works of architecture have on the environment and life of those who live in them, as well of the resources that are brought into play and that need to be valuated and utilized with love and ancient wisdom.

And so the book takes the form of a lively account that is nevertheless packed with uselful information, and concise reflections. Each work is a fragment of a coherent process and at the same time a story in its own right, with its own challenges and little lessons. The client, the context, the construction site become three chapters in which to try to embrace and filter the first ten years of the studio’s work, going back to the essential components of the practice of architecture today and  in the past. The processes surrounding architecture are slow: the dialogue with the person who calls on his service (the client),the dialogue withe the ever more fragile place where the work is based (the context), and the dialogue with the machinery that makes it all possible (the construction site).
And the works, many of which have been fortunately realized, speak to us about a possible normality of contemporary architecture and of a better world in which a good architecture can still have a social and cultural value recognized by the majority of people.

Luca Molinari


italian / english
21 x 21 cm
168 pages
ISBN 978887624292