Refitting of a former industrial plant for the new Arcaplanet offices.

2018 – built

Colors and materials of nature for the refitting of a disused factory to be used as headquarter of Arcaplanet.

A new ‘arca’ for the offices of the pet-store chain leader in Italy Arcaplanet, a company composed mainly of millennials and strong of its twenty years of experience in the field of pet-food & care.

The primary objective of the total refitting operation was to return to the urban fabric a factory that had never interacted with it: the disused industrial building is then transformed into an open and transparent headquarter, with redesigned facades outwards so to allow maximum permeability and a scenic view of the interior from the outside, thanks to the road level placed at a lower level.

Inside, the office space is organized according to the new ‘smart working’ approach that favors team work and to contain all of the company activities under one roof, from management to e-commerce, up to the formation of sector.

To bring natural light into such a large building, a central light has been created and the roof has been revived with two sheds to maintain the memory of the places and above all to capture the best natural light for the offices.

The heart of architecture is a large internal courtyard designed as a space for exchange and integration among young employees, a place where the concept of virtual sharing can be passed on to real sharing.

The colors and materials chosen are part of the natural range, according to the company values that aim at animal welfare and balance with the environment.

An interesting energetic aspect is that of the ventilated façade, which improves the passive performance of the building.

The building site itself has been set on the concept of sustainability, through the use of a prefabricated metal structure that reduces time and costs even in anticipation of the future management of the building.

An ‘arca’, because under its roof orbit various planets with various functions; ‘smart’ as a synonym for openness and transparency.

The new offices of Arcaplanet represent the return to the territory of a building capable of interacting with it and the reconfirmation of the values of a company that, by renewing its look, is increasingly aiming at a future of harmony between humans, animals and the environment.


Location: Carasco, Genova

Client: Arcaplanet, Agrifarma Spa

Surfaces: site 5100 sqm ; offices 4000 sqm, parking 2900 sqm

Frigerio Design Group: Architectural Project, General Coordination and Construction Supervision. 

Team: E. Frigerio with M. Russotto, M. Sola, V. Villa, F. Valido

Structures: Studio PRD

Systems: BMS Studio Associato

General Contractor: C.E.M.A. Srl

Project: 2018