New pylons for the National electricity transmission grid TERNA, Italia

New hi-tech pylons for upgrading the National electricity transmission grid.
International Contest “Pylons of the future” launched by Terna – 2nd prize.


Dynamic Chaos


The idea comes from observing the fact that the power lines you see now are repetitive or stiff. When you see a natural panorama, however, the colors and shapes are disorderly and random.


In appearance placed at random, like a pile of pick-up sticks, the press-formed sheet metal makes up the isostatic structure. This is Dynamic Chaos that interacts with the context thanks to its form and iridescent color.


The support only appears to be random, however, it actually develops with an isostatic structure following the geometry of a triangle and growing into a spatial structure. All the pieces are assembled using nuts and bolts. The pylon is built using press-bent polygonal poles at constant section with truncated conical ends to make them more airy and give them a lighter look.


The perception of a structure such as this with cylinder poles is elusive and minimal, especially from afar, thus giving the structure a light feel and low environmental impact.
Added to this is its seemingly random geometry that interacts and blends into differing contexts. Its perception always changes depending on the point of view.


The system was designed following the same philosophy for both the single-circuit and double-circuit pylons: the highest part holding the insulators and power lines are always the same, except for the beams in plan view, which are placed differently according to line angle. The low part of the pylon is adjustable in order to satisfy the various functional needs of the tract, height and contours. In this way the components were standardized while maximizing industrial prefabrication.


While always taking a “slow” approach, the keywords throughout the project were: low-environmental impact, functionality, flexibility, feasibility and cost-effectiveness, to express contemporary sensitivity to the context and landscape… a new culture for transmitting electricity.


Six projects made it to the finals. Three of these were developed by Frigerio Design Group: “Dynamic Chaos” (which made second-place), “Light by Form” and “Modular Growth”.



Client TERNA SpA
Surfaces national territory
Frigerio Design Group Concept
Team  E. Frigerio with E. Masala (head of project), D. Bona, F. Calcagno, A. Cutrupi
Specialist in construction use and maintenance of  transmission grids ing. P. Ricci
Specialist in planning of transmission grids R. Antonazzo
Structure and construction consulent Tecnopali Group S.p.A. (ing. R. Chiussi) – Seteco S.r.l (ing. P. Pistoletti e ing. P. Maestrelli)
Model 1st phase DB model; 2nd phase Edoardo Miola – modelli, DB model, Rossi modelli.