Training Center Cariparma Crédit-Agricole, Piacenza

Renovation project for the Training Center and Auditorium Cariparma Crédit-Agricole.
2008 – 2012


Didactic origami


Sloped flat surfaces run like an origami to distribute, protect, and accommodate the users of the training center.


A dynamic and contemporary training center for a company and its ‘culture of doing’.


An origami that characterizes and identifies the most significant and public spaces of the structure, concentrating on the double height volume where the staircase and elevators are located for vertical distribution.


The didactic spaces have been equipped as ’empty’ to be filled with different outfits, according to needs.
All the classrooms are made of raised floors and soundproof ceilings to ensure maximum flexibility and the best acoustic comfort.
Didactic and technological classrooms from 18 to 30 seats with fixed furniture, furniture for furnishing and a technological endowment for traditional or computerized teaching.


A color code inside the center identifies the various functions and facilitates orientation.


Durable, ecological and natural components have been selected for finishing materials.


Client Crèdit-Agricole
Surfaces 3,200 sq.m; auditorium 170 seats; training center 12 classrooms (288 seats)
Frigerio Design Group Concept / Definitive Project / Executive Project / Artistic Management
Team  Enrico Frigerio with F. Biassoni (head of project), M. Rossi, A. Cutrupi, M. Piovini
Structures and Construction supervision Studio Milani Rossetti Cantoni (ing. P. Milani) / Frigerio Design Group