Technical innovation hub
2017 – on going


Combining the natural and human components to create the new pole of technical innovation, expression of the corporate identity, excellence, innovation, passion and people who have always represented the group and its industrial culture.


The main ingredient is the landscape: the Langa, with its history and people. The landscape, nature and colors define a series of coordinated geometries to create a building in empathy with the environment in which it is inserted. Portions of the landscape are ideally cut out to build the envelope and the interiors, the colors and natural geometries characteristic of the place draw and define the architecture through geometric abstractions.

To realize an industrial building today means for us to think of a building for an automated and interconnected production, with a reciprocity between man and machine, but in relation with its ecosystem.
A simple, reassuring and lively architecture, where technology is not “screamed” but it is present, it is there but cannot be seen. The idea is to contrast the consolidated image of the somewhat chaotic factory, full of pipes and fumes, a simple and linear architecture, where the technical parts and systems are integrated into the facades or hidden in the Technical Mezzanine.

The coexistence between Workshop and Offices, superimposed on each other, is expressed through hard and ethereal, blind and transparent surfaces, earth and sky.

The Workshop was designed with a regular, “clean” plant, without too many structures in sight, so that dust and dirt cannot be deposited. The perimeter curtain panels have a micro-perforated and sound-absorbing internal face to improve the internal acoustic quality and contain any noise pollution towards the outside.
The Office spaces were conceived as a “field” at high altitude: few fixed elements, coordinated geometries and maximum flexibility to set up the various spaces. A ‘landscape’ crossed by a path along which people find the right space at the right time during the day: environments to work, to concentrate, to relax or to participate; privacy when needed, interaction and sharing when the moment requires it. A succession of lights, colors, scents, transparencies and volumes to be experienced subjectively that make each place a special experience.

A compact, simple volume, to maximize all passive contributions and limit the resources for its management and maintenance, without renouncing a sober and clear identity.

A close correlation between artificial and natural structures, according to a biophilic approach, in search of excellence and functionality, for the physical and mental well-being of those who will work in these spaces, to improve the relationship, creativity and sense of belonging to a community.



Restricted Competition – 1°prize


Technical innovation hub


Surfaces Lot 14.500 sqm, Building 12.700 sqm, Parking 4.100 sqm


Frigerio Design Group
General Design Coordination
Architectural Design – Concept / Definitiv / Executive
Planning Permits
Artistic Supervision

Team Enrico Frigerio with Carola Ginocchio (project leader)
executive design: Stefano Stevanè, Simone Rota, Marta Verdona
definitiv design: Fabio Valido, Daniele Bona, Antonio Alessi

Structures Redesco Progetti
MEP Ariatta Ingegneria dei Sistemi
Fire prevention and safety plan Claudio Manfreddo
Landscape AG&P 

Construction Supervision Recchi Engineering
General Contractor Co. Ge. Fa.

competition 2017
executive 2018-2019
construction 2020- on going