New industrial complex and offices for Sambonet Headquarters.
1999 – 2012


Rice fields and design



This industrial complex – belonging  to  the famous cutlery Company, Sambonet  – is inserted into a rural rice-growing area. Flat, regular planes at slightly differing levels, and rows of tall trees which form green backdrops –  are the  inspiring elements of the project.


The site plan was developed according to a Cartesian scheme. Volumes are compact and linear, with horizontal roofs meeting at  different levels. The elevations have horizontal rythm and quirver under the sun’s rays.


The project follows a geometrical module representing the building’s DNA, all the architectural “pieces” are reduced to the base module to obtain an overall harmony comparative to the natural harmony of the territory. Openings, grills, doors and and services were articulate, developed  and ordered  according to the base module.


This project was aimed at an architecture which would express the nature of the Company – a Company concerned with precious metal and high design.


The large shed structures cointaning the production lines are enclosed by simple pre-frabricated panels which are dignified by a series of details; joints disappear, surfaces are articulated as if composed of huge strips and their consistence becames almost metallic thanks to a grit finish in ebony black and serizzo stones.


The volumes are downscaled and reduced towards  the street front with a 100 mt long and 8 mt high glass window. This glass spain is  proteceted by “eyelids” in drilled sheet metal. Slabs taper  into the windows to have total transparency.


The transparent screen protect the offices from the outside, while during the night show the activity it contains.  This  becomes the main element of the project and of the Company, expressing image and tecnology at the same time.


The project synthesises industrial philosophy which leaves no space to susperfluous and maximises resources: a factory built between  nature and design.




Client SAMBONET S.p.A.
Surfaces lot 120,000 sq.m; offices 3600 sq.m; factory 19,400 sq.m; warehouse: 13,000 sq,m.
Design Team E. Frigerio, R. Casalegno with F. Biassoni, K. Scott, M. Reale, L. Bigi, D. Reimondo, C. Castelli; for the warehouse: A. Capurro, G. Rossi.
Engineering and Site management IRCI S.r.l con Ing. R. Casalegno e Arch. G. Bivona
Mechanical engineering Ing. C. Mosca
Electrical engineering Ing. G. Del Bo
Project manager and Client consultant Ing. F. Coppo
Artistic direction Arch. E. Frigerio