Rosenthal HD offices renovation, Selb (Germany)

Rosenthal HD offices renovation in the Rainbowbuilding.
2014 – 2015


Creative tradition


New workspaces and offices realized in the historic HQ of the famous German brand of porcelain, Rosenthal, in order to strengthen the company’s values: “long tradition – young creation”.


In the old disused departments of Rainbowbuilding, transparent walls or vertical green create open and versatile environments.
The green elements oxygenate the air as well as qualify the common and meeting areas.


The goal was to match an “old body” with contemporary needs and technologies, with a mix of close and open spaces in order to let people choose the most effective solution based on the needs of the moment or on each working methods.


A space designed to be comfortable, placing people at the center.




Surfaces offices 2,000 sq.m
Frigerio Design Group Concept / Definitive Project / Executive Project / Artistic Management
Team Arch. E. Frigerio with Arch. C. Ginocchio (project leader), Arch. P. Vier
Photo Stephan Geiger