Residential complex, Vercelli

Residential complex in Vercelli.
2004 – 2016


A district of photosynthesis


More than half will be park. So in Vercelli a residential district is born, in an evergreen forest that repairs from the cold from the north and caduche plants bearing a summer microclimate.


An architecture like a leaf that reacts to local climatic conditions, transforming them into active energy.


Great regulator, the sun: that drives the volumes in the light and shadow play, feeds solar and photovoltaic panels, gives warmth through greenhouse loggias.
It is no coincidence that the logo of the project is a leaf, a symbol of photosynthesis.


Every detail refers to a bioclimatic plant, saving water usage and reuse and low power heating systems.
A challenge, in the name of sustainability.



Client Edilgreen S.r.l.
Surfaces lot 30,000 sq.m; homes 17,300 sq.m; design institute 1,000 sq.m; asylum 200 sq.m; parkings 8,000 sq.m.
Frigerio Design Group Urban Planning / Definitive / Executive
Team Enrico Frigerio with E. Masala, F. Biassoni, M. Rossi, A. Garbarino, G. Lavalle, A. Venturini, M. Origoni, F. Valido
Structures Studio Ruggi
Thermal system Politecnica
Urbanistic and Infrastructures Studio Tecnico Maggia Inglese – Ing. S. Inglese, Arch. V. Barbonaglia