Residential complex CRISTALL, MOSCOW (RUSSIA)

Reconversion of the historical Distillery “Cristall” in Moscow.


Cristall to live



The name expresses the neighbourhood’s character and spirit, a precious and high- quality space: Cristall to live. To develop the area’s transformation project – from an industrial site into a residential area – we have worked with the technique of distillation. We have distilled extracting the best and removing impurities.


The complex, an evidence of industrial archaeology, has been stripped from all unauthentic parts to restore the original geometries and its precious filigree.


The new volumes are placed on the lot’s perimeter, as a curtain screening the interior space and – at the same time – highlighting the historical settlement.


The buildings were designed according to selected points of views and to a system of progressive transparencies between internal and external space; the new volumes decrease in height and move apart from the historic ones to frame them and increase their visibility.


The vegetation renovates the area and reclaims possession of the spaces in different ways: the Fluvial Green, topographic green strips connecting the park May 1th to the villa’s park Stroganoff; the Urban Green, lush vegetation covering all areas free of roads and buildings; the Precious Green, within the historical complex, protected Italian gardens, all to be discovered.


A neighbourhood sensible to its history, with a precious identity, to be lived with a contemporary quality.



Client OOO Lantan
Surfaces lot 92.600 sq.m, residential 148.080 sq.m, mall 41.550 sq.m, hotel 20.000 sq.m, parkings 166.815 sq.m, structures of social interest 3.500 sq.m.
Frigerio Design Group Architect / Concept design
Team Frigerio Design Group – E. Frigerio with C. Ginocchio, L. Rudko, A. Tsareva, F. Valido, P. Vier