Crédit-Agricole HQ renovation, Milano

Renovation project for Cariparma Crédit-Agricole headquarters in via Armorari, Milano.
2014 – 2017


The colors of the 20th Century


Enhance the features of identity of the propery, expression of milanese eclectic architecture of the early 20th century and its components of existing value, updating the image with a parallel functional and technologica adaption.


A complex renovation work is carried out ‘open-heart’ with the building in use, structured in phases for which a particular project has been developed.


The colors for the various interior finishes are inspired by the twentieth-century artistic movement born in Milan in 1922, of which one of its founding fathers was the painter Mario Sironi; from Sironi’s ‘urban scenery’ was selected a color palette to use in various environments.


Elegant, sober, and high performance spaces – lighting, air conditioning and acoustics – but at the same time warm and welcoming: functional, flexible and energy efficient environments.


A contemporary image in a historic body with a new heart.



Client Crédit-Agricole
Surfaces office 5,600 sq.m, agency 1,500 sq.m, service 3,500 sq.m
Frigerio Design Group team Enrico Frigerio with Paula Vier, Carola Ginocchio, Fabio Valido, Federico Biassoni, Letizia Corino
Photo by courtesy of Vimar S.p.A. – all rights reserved.