Refitting project with expansion of Ex-Telecom Central in via Fraiteve 13, Sestriere (To).
2016 – in progress





The reference is the “grangia”, typical construction that characterizes the valleys around the Colle del Sestriere. And so the existing stone base, the plaster, the wood and a pitched roof, in the project are reinterpreted in a contemporary way.


The Telecom central is located in Sestriere, an existing volume on which we “graft” the expansion in our refitting operation.


Replace, add, modify, customize, renew, regenerate, are among the main activities that are summarized under the term refitting: a set of interventions aimed at improving the comfort, functionality and efficiency of existing buildings, a process borrowed from the naval field and today entering more and more into the world of building renovation.


The project plans to maintain the basement and first floors with the same existing perimeter walls, while the upper floors will follow the geometry of the lot; the various elevations will be parallel to the borders, in particular the two sides perpendicular to the street.


The wood covers and draws, with a subtle watermark, the facades of the new volume. A filigree that thickens and dissolves to define the loggias and enclose the new condominium with elevator and staircase.


The double-pitched roof, with important projections to protect the facades, has a copper finish.


An operation to inhabit the mountain that interprets the architectural spirit of Sestriere and its valleys.



Client – Private
Surfaces – residential 650 sq.m; technical 423 sq.m.
Frigerio Design Group – Architectural project
Team  Enrico Frigerio with Monica Russotto (head of project), Fabio Valido, Daniele Gesualdo.
Structures – Arching Srl.