New headquarters of the RAS Assurance group.
1996 – 2001


The global office



The project draws elements for its definition from the context in which it is inserted, in order to use natural resources to optimize energy efficiency and improve the comfort of work spaces.


Inserted in an urban setting, the building is enclosed by a parking lot and a variable garden. Different essences with various blooms change their colors throughout the year.


Apparently it looks like a normal building, but as soon as it is examined in detail, one finds out in all its parts, the hidden complexity designed to make it sustainable in use, ecologically and economically. Ventilated, modular energy recovery systems, low power lighting fixtures, all controlled and managed by a central intelligent system to employ the energies where, when and in the required quality.


In the definition of the volume, the typology of the historic palace of Milan was reinterpreted, featuring a rugged base, noble plans and crowning; three orders with three characters, without giving up the image and the contemporary identity. The building is built on two floors with underground car parks, facilities and seven ground floor offices and service functions.


The last floor is made of a steel structure and an elliptical volume containing special meeting rooms. The ellipse is made of stained glass in profileless curved glass sheets, glued to the vertical joints, all protected by a large horizontal slope that grows throughout the plant.


The various architectural components, such as window frames, ceilings, structures and structures, have been designed with coordinated geometries, which make the various office configurations possible with simplicity, reduced installation time and costs.


Internally, the rooms are furnished with natural and ergonomic materials; sound-absorbing birch wood finishes on the walls, micro-perforated aluminum ceilings and raised raised floors with carpeted carpet, to control the acoustics of the environments.


A building between the future and the tradition, an expression of a society more environmentally aware and resource use.



Client BIS S.r.l.
Surfaces lot 4,500 sq.m; offices 6,200 sq.m; parking and technical 2,700 sq.m.
Frigerio Design Group Final / Executive project
Team E. Frigerio and arch. R. Ercoli with F. Biassoni (head of project), M. Ragno, M.Rossi, C. Pin, M.Mazzoli, U.Villani, P. Dotti, E. Ranieri