PUBLIC SERVICE HALL, Tskaltubo (Georgia)

Public Service Hub PSH of Tskaltubo.
Contest on invitation – 1st prize.


Bioclimatic hub


The spa resort water and caves, two natural elements typical of the area, characterize the Public Service Hub in Tskaltubo, Georgia. Water draws on the outer space on which it is supported and reflects the building, while a ‘cave’ protects and accommodates the entrance of the PSH.


A pure and clear crystal in relation with the city, where people are placed first.
An iconic landmark with a façade that communicates with a greater pictogram, the world it belongs to: The Lagodekhi Public Services Hub.

The cladding consists of transparent and solid panels protected by a skin of wooden planks that provide shelter from the sun and make the building a whole. A filigree structure that vibrates under the light of the sun to generate special effects in the light of day or shade of night.

A bioclimatic hub, compact and built using prefabricated parts and with dry assembly thereby reducing construction time, ensuring high quality and improving flexibility while still expressing its personality and character.

A dry construction building with high energy efficiency using simple and recyclable materials selected and designed to maintain performance over the long term thereby reducing costs for construction, operating and maintenance. An innovative and dynamic centre that sets its roots in the territory. An international image making it the expression of an independent country at the cutting edge with its own culture and identity.



Client Ministero della Giustizia della Georgia
Surfaces lot 2,000 sq.m, building 900 sq.m.
Frigerio Design Group Architectural project
Team E. Frigerio with D. Bona, C. Ginocchio, M. Russotto, F. Valido