Piazza Aviatori d’Italia
New residential complex in Saronno
2017 – 2020




Tradition: the window, the shutter, the colored plaster, the porch, the typical elements of the Lombard construction, are the ingredients. Contemporary: a functional, comfortable, energetically performing construction, which belongs to the present, but with its own identity.


At the gates of the historic center of Saronno, a hinge with the buildings of the 60s and 70s, the new residential complex re-evaluates the central square of the city through a contemporary reinterpretation of the architectural elements of the Lombard tradition.

These elements define a series of geometries that design the facades, and the typical colors of local houses rhythm the elevations, to create a building in empathy with the urban fabric in which it is inserted.

As in a puzzle, the prospectus of the building is ideally composed of various pieces of facades, which articulate the front and reduce its mass and visual impact.

An architecture that is simple, reassuring and alive, easy to build, where technology is not “screamed” but is present, but is not seen.



To reduce the visual impact, the volume was lightened with a continuous porch on the ground floor and an important retreat of the attic façades, while the main façade was in turn divided into small elevations.

In the central part of the building overlooking Piazza Unità d’Italia, a vertical glass ‘cut’ at a condominium staircase creates transparency towards the inner courtyard and further divides the volume.

The edges of the points of inflection of the facades are replaced with voids, vertical joints that interrupt the surfaces and articulate the elevations.

The final objective was to transform a monolithic and impactful volume into a light and articulated fifth to connect and dialogue with existing facades, with the colors and materials of tradition.

The use of materials and resources according to the principle of reducing excesses and optimizing performance allows the containment of the ecological footprint and establishes a close correlation between artificial and natural structures, in search of excellence and functionality, for the well-being of those who will live in these spaces.



A careful balance of transparency has been recreated for common spaces and privacy for private ones, so as to guarantee maximum visibility and safety but at the same time protect the privacy of the various housing units.

Quality was sought not only for the residences but also for all the common spaces, especially the condominium staircases.

The architecture of the housing units is defined by three elements: the window frame, the shutter and the frame that contains them.

Three different modules, one for the living room, one for the bedrooms and one for the bathrooms that compose and define the dynamism of the various facades.

On the main front, two large sliding windows open the living room to the outside, while on the south side the kitchen terraces are protected by a simple sunshade that protects privacy but at the same time also conceals what has been deposited.

Finally, the apartments are built with natural ventilation as they have an air flow between north and south and air conditioning with radiant floors.



Location: Saronno (Varese)
Client: Aldir Srl
Surfaces: site 1770 m2; commercial 495 m2; residential 2090 m2; parking spaces 1915 m2

Frigerio Design Group
General coordination
Architectural project – concept, definitive, executive
Urban permitting
Site supervision
Team E. Frigerio with  W. Larteri (project leader), M. Roberto, F. Valido, D. Bona

Structures: Ing. Tettamanti
Systems: NT Engineering

General Contractor: SIGMA Costruzioni