Organisation of the Islamic Conference (O.I.C.) headquarters, Jeddah.
Competition with restricted participation – 5th place.


Minaret Tower


The design contest for the OIC headquarter is an opportunity to promote the Islamic world through a building that represents Islamic culture on the international scene and contributes to the sense of identity and communion of member states.


The city chosen as a site, Jeddah, the ancient port city of Saudi Arabia, is historically the place where pilgrims reach Mecca and are therefore a place of cultural exchanges, meeting and point of reference for Islamic religion. A strategic place.


The complex is part of a new district located in the southeastern part of the historic city, a few miles from the sea and the harbor, thought of as a management center equipped with facilities to accommodate delegates from all OIC nations.


The building, a tower-minaret rising from the ground, emerges from the fabric and becomes the recognition landmark, becoming the icon of the project and responding to the demand for being a symbol of unity for Muslim peoples and international recognizability.


The congress center and the seat of Parliament are instead a protected hypogeum but visible from the outside thanks to the treatment and movement of the cover.
The ground space remains so free to be also treated as an architectural element: a composition of water tanks, green spaces, paved spaces moves harmonizing with the design of the underlying spaces such as the decoration of a carpet, a carpet-garden.



Client The Organisation of the Islamic Conference
Surfaces lot 40,000 sq.m; office section 18,000 sq.m; conference section 21,300 sq.m; garage and service section 12,000 sq.m; outdoor space 29,300 sq.m.
FDG Team Enrico Frigerio with A. Capurro, E. Masala, A. Venturini, S. Vogrig, G. Pisani, A. Colombino
Structural engineering Buro Happold – Bath UK
Consultant for Islamic culture L. E. Parodi