New Sedus Headquarters, Turate

New Sedus Headquarters, Turate (Mi).
Competition by invitation.


The Kaleidoscope of Senses



A workplace where the person is the focus, where the five senses are aroused:  An Emotional Kaleidoscope. Volumes, proportions and materials are at play in a series of evocative situations.


An iconic landmark, whose small façade faces the highway, communicating with a greater pictogram, the world it belongs to.


The lot develops over green space and the building is raised on pilotis to enable continuity in passage and to improve perception and transparency.


The building is built using a modular “dry” method that reduces construction time, ensures high quality and improves flexibility while still expressing its personality and character.


A bio-climatic and recyclable building ensuring high energy efficiency and built with renewable sources and local resources: thought out over time, setting its roots in the history and philosophy of the company.




Client Sedus Stoll AG
Surfaces lot 1,250 sq.m; building 900 sq.m; outdoor 350 sq.m.
Team Enrico Frigerio with A. Capurro, F. De Costanzo, A. Cutrupi, D. Bona