New office and production building for Zamasport, Novara
2017 – 2020


To combine in a single building the double creative and industrial personality of a company that can be defined ‘the engineering of high fashion’.

The fabric, raw material for the activity of Zamasport, with its curves and sinuosity, folds and folds, inspired the geometries that characterize the architecture of the building and define its personality, in a confluence of creativity, knowledge, craftsmanship and technology.

The new building becomes a hinge between the various existing buildings of the industrial site, re-qualifying the image and rationalizing the logistical aspects.
It is a simple and compact volume, which optimizes the energetic and functional aspects and discovers inside a suspended garden, on which the offices and all the test rooms overlook the first floor.

The architectural quality is obtained with natural, simple and industrial materials, but enriched by details and processes that ennoble and qualify the image, starting from the exposed surface of the prefabricated panels of self-cleaning and photocatalytic concrete facades: made with a formwork reproducing the vertical draping of a fabric, will give softness to a “hard” material, quality and richness to a poor component.

For all the environments envisaged, productive or executive, the interior spaces are designed with simple and industrial finishes but performing to achieve sensory comfort, flexibility and reduced maintenance over time.

Acoustics, microclimate and light play a strategic role in defining innovative and dynamic work environments, designed for people, with ductile, diffused, shared, and versatile spaces for an increasingly creative, permeable and flexible use of space.

A particular lighting solution allows to change the quality of the light in the test rooms to adapt it to the colors of the various collections.

Transparencies project the spaces to the outside and perceptually expand the volumes, creating a close relationship between people and nature.

The goal is to make an ethical use of resources, when and where they are needed, to demonstrate a corporate culture that is sensitive to people and the environment: a balanced texture between creativity, dexterity and industry.



Surfaces – lot 9.000 sq.m; warehouse 780 sq.m; production 1.570 sq.m; offices 1.350 sq.m

General coordination
Architectural Design – concept, final, executive
Administrative permits
Construction supervision

Team E. Frigerio con D. Bona (project leader)
F. Valido, M. Sola, S. Cambiaggio, V. Villa, M. Verdona

Structures – design and supervision Studio Tecnico Ing. Silverio Tettamanti
MEP – design and supervision – Energy Engineering s.r.l
Supervisor Geom. Massimo Zugnino
Geology and Geotechnics Geol. Giorgio Grassi
Acoustics – progetto Arch. Elena Bocca

General Contractor Notarimpresa SPA
Envelope Gualini

Fotografie: Mario Frusca, Daniele Bona