le Centrali del Futuro
Ecological transition of Andrea Palladio power plant
2021, competition 1° prize


New Energy Spaces was designed to regenerate the environment and enhance corporate image and identity, while at the same time becoming more involved in the local community.
Putting together people and nature, environment and industry, technology and innovation, the expression of a new entrepreneurial culture.

Sharing values to generate value!”

The architectural study of the Resilience Lab Grid proposes a paradigm shift in the collective perception by transforming the plant into a positive example for ecosystem regeneration and protection.
Inspired by the “fractal”, a natural geometric element,  created a shared space, open to the public and the community, where activities focusing on sustainability and environmental intervention are promoted to stimulate regeneration and environmentally sustainable and social and cultural development for the area. At the same time, the architectural elements are integrated into the territory: the complex is designed to appear visibly dynamic and light in relation to the surrounding landscape.

Based on a feasible and modular system, the new buildings will be of different sizes according to their function; however, they will share the same features. The core generator and control room of the entire system is the Enel Pavilion, a place for reception, information and promotion for corporate values: environmental sustainability, circular economy and innovation.

The architecture is located in an environment where the lagoon borders the countryside, between water and land, and the project is inspired by the natural matrix of the area. “Patterns” of fields and cultivated lands are reinterpreted abstractly into geometrical elements enveloping buildings and plants. An additional element to blend with the lagoon is vegetation. It is inserted into the project as a junction between the industrial complex and the natural environment. Reviving the lagoon landscape with its evocative sandbars becomes an opportunity to illustrate the territory and include it in an educational context.


Location Fusina, Venezia
Client ENEL Produzione SpA
Surfaces  lotto 450.000 m2
Frigerio Design Group
Architectural Design

Team E. Frigerio con M. Verdona, S. Rota, M. Roberto, W. Larteri, F. Valido, A. Chiappini

environmental and socio-economic strategy: T. Georgiadis e L. Cremonini “Istituto per la BioEconomia IBE-CNR”
Landscape Openfabric
Technical Systems Tekser ingegneria