MASTERPLAN for Bologna Central Station, Bologna

New integrated complex for Bologna Central Station.
International competition.


The Knowledge Arcade



Bologna will be transformed by the Station redevelopment. The need to answer questions of functionality, economic sustainability, civic identity ask for an integrated approach able to strategically conceive the Station development program.


The area has a double identity given by its central town location and its being a transportation hub.


The project’s aim is then to saw the urban texture with the creation of a real mix of plazas, roads, urban functions satisfying either the citizen and the traveller.


Two longitudinal boulevards are the main actors with a composition able to define urban blocks directly speaking to the town grid.


The station main frame is given by the natural prolongation of Bologna true civic space: the arcade. Perfect symbol of the city ambition to connect internationa to local from the cultural area to transportation. This is why the station arcade, in the city of the oldest university in the world, becomes the knowledge arcade.




Client RFI Rete Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.a
Surface areas area 167.750 sq.m; reception+residential 14,000 sq.m; headquarter offices 61,500 sq.m; common spaces 4,500 sq.m.
Design Team project with Frigerio Design Group UNstudio, Buro Happold, ABT, MODULO UNO spa, Politecnica Ingegneria e Architettura, Systematica.