LAB 2020 Crédit-Agricole, Parma

Refitting HQ Cavagnari – Crédit Agricole, Parma.
2015 – 2017


Offices of Knowledge


Flexible and versatile spaces for Lab2020, expression of the company they represent. Workspaces designed starting from the specific activities and the people who should welcome, with individual, shared and public spots, or permeable and flexible offices for a more creative use.


Within the work environment you move in order to use the most appropriate spaces for your specific job. The parameters now is quality, instead of quantity.


The renovation also introduces the sensorial comfort, that is, the overall quality of the work environment; natural light, artificial light, acoustics and air, are designed to offer the best quality.


To optimize resources for working environments on a human scale is the main goal.


This project is the natural evolution of the ‘Green Heart’ project for the expansion of the Crédit Agricole Bank’s headquarters and regards the existing offices, which no longer meet future needs.



Client Crédit Agricole – Cariparma
Surface area offices 4,000 sq.m
Frigerio Design Group Concept / Executive guidelines / Drawing Profiles / Artistic Coordination
Architectural Design Enrico Frigerio with Daniele Bona (head of project), Paula Vier, Carola Ginocchio, Fabio Valido
General Contractor Gervasi S.p.A.
Photo Enrico Cano