Innovative Schools Competition – Project of the Comprehensive Institute of the Municipality of Mel.
Competition organized by the Ministry of Education.




The new school complex of Mel is inspired by one of the most evocative and characteristic natural places in the area: the Brent de l’Art, typical canyons carved into the rock with a reddish, gray and cream color.


‘The Brent of know-how’ is a school complex rooted in the territory but open to the community and the world: between local and global, tradition and innovation.

It consists of two opposing volumes crossed by a central flexible space: a “canyon” as a space for relationships, where all the activities meet while remaining separate from each other, where the various flows are compared and distributed.


A building for teaching at certain times, but open to citizenship in moments not dedicated to school. Environments where people find during the day the most suitable spaces for various activities, places to meet, to learn, to relax or to participate: privacy when needed, interaction and sharing when the moment requires it.


The new volumes of the school are like two open arms that welcome the children and at the same time protect and qualify the outdoor spaces.

Educational spaces are divided into group spaces and complementary spaces.

The classrooms, proposed as neutral and flexible environments, allow easily to be furnished with different settings and functional to the various pedagogical and educational needs, but can also be customized by the students themselves, in order to express their own group-class identity, in the construction of learning and educational growth.


A prefabricated construction with modular components and dry mounted, selected or derived from serial production, to ensure certified quality, high energy efficiency, the right cost and facilitate the implementation, maintenance and recycling at the end of life.



Client Ministry of Education
Frigerio Design Group Concept
Team Enrico Frigerio with Carola Ginocchio, Fabio Valido, Anna Tsareva, Daniele Gesualdo, Paula Vier.