The light in all its expressions and components, represents the element that characterizes the architecture of this new living volume.

Natural light, reflected, artificial, photosynthesis, transparency, to dissolve and to excite: a gradient of light

A volume that dialogues with the context and articulates its prospects in a different way from the sun exposure.

Prefabricated components and photocatalytic materials for construction, which are self-cleaning and transform pollution into clean air through a chemical process, reducing maintenance over time.


The urban fabric in which the new building is inserted does not present, a specific architectural character for the tall buildings, and the geometric proportion of the plants with respect to the volume that can be built, penalizes the perspective reading in height of the new residence.

In relation to these considerations, a rectangular plan of the building has been developed, arranged planimetrically with the longest side parallel to the Via Bossi, so that the volume for perspective effect, is perceived more slender and stringy.

The new volume is compact to optimize the energy aspects, and is placed in the lot following the solar diagram of the place, along the north / south heliothermal axis, to optimize the contribution of natural light on the facades, but at the same time to minimize the shadows on the surrounding buildings. The facades of the building have a different transparency gradient compared to their solar exposure: 20%, 50% and 80%. In the north 20% transparency, in the east and west 50% and in the south 80%; a gradient of light.

During the day more natural light in the living rooms and less in the rooms, and an inverted nocturnal effect, with the artificial light that characterizes the image.

To emphasize the perceptive effect of the building, even the covering of the blind parts shows a gradient of color, which fades from the darkest in the north to the lightest in the south.

The building on the ground rests on pilotis and is emptied (a reference to the rationalist architecture that characterized the territory), leaving the maximum horizontal transparency; minimum footprint on the ground and maximum green area.

Important stringcourses mark and fragment the volume vertically, protecting the building from the direct rays of the sun, and at the same time as light collectors, they reflect natural light inside the rooms. The stringcourses themselves generate the terraces at various levels. On the top floor a “suspended” garden completes and dissolves the volume.


The plants for the apartments have two to three external sides with a view, and minimize the space for distribution. Simple and functional, with the possibility of being fitted out with one, two or three floor apartments, to best respond to the real estate market.

The windows are full-height, from floor to ceiling, to optimize natural light and transparency. A detail, the kitchens are conceived as unique environments with the living room, but through sliding glass walls, they can be separated and become autonomous rooms.

For the construction a concrete structure, with visible parts (pilotis and marcapiani) in white photocatalytic cement. While the perimeter blind infill walls, will be in prefabricated thermal break panels finished with extruded photocatalytic stoneware cupels.

An intervention to redevelop the area, with an architecture expression of a way of living more attentive to the environment, its resources and people

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