Eco-sustainable residential complex SAN GIULIANO, Genova

Eco-sustainable residential complex ‘San Giuliano’.


Inhabited green


Taking inspiration from local stone walling building tecnique, this design is expression of genoise culture and its typical elements.


The concept of an integrated building technology gives high efficiency rate to  the new building both in energy consumption and in insertion in the surrounding; the disappearing poetic is here broken into the main external elements: stones and vegetation.


The result is a mimetic building able to merge technology and tradition, visible and invisible, and to reach the correct balance in an high value city centre plot.


Main feature of the complex are the big south-facing openings, with deck-like terraces completely paved in teak timber and backed by traditionally coloured plaster finished walls.



Client Aquileia Capital Services S.r.l
Surfaces lot 3,600 sq.m; building 2,800 sq.m.
Frigerio Design Group Final Project / Executive Project / Artistic Direction
Collaboratori E. Frigerio and C.A. Guidi di Bagno with D. Bona (head of project), S. Vogrig, F. Calcagno
Structures Ing. Tettamanti
Plant Acta Studio
Building permits arch. C. A. Guidi di Bagno