Concept new training offices TIM Telecom Italia, Italy

Concept for the new offices of TIMacademy, Italy.
2015 – 2016


TIM academy


Places for knowledge, education and training, for coming together and meeting peers, a dynamic and identifying environment that communicates and creates the foundation for TIM’s new interactive and digital horizon: FDG creates the concept for the new offices of TIMacademy.


TIMacademy is designed to be an internal training centre for the company and – in the future – also open for external use. This is why it will be a place that opens up to the territory, a sort of extension of the external urban setting towards the interior and vice versa.


Shared meeting areas that are flexible and well-equipped to hold lectures and training sessions but also other types of events, from art exhibitions to conventions.


TIMacademy is a collective space for coming together but at the same time a workplace.


This dynamic and digital place will have a small hall with a videowall, interactive tables, a learning kiosk and meeting areas, where you have access to the classrooms or service areas, such as staffrooms and teachers’ lounges, storerooms, the printer room and restrooms.



Client TIM Telecom Italia
Surfaces 16 branch offices in Italy
Frigerio Design Group Concept / Civil and design executive guidelines / Drawing Profiles / General Coordination
Team Enrico Frigerio with Carola Ginocchio (head of project), Paula Vier, Fabio Valido, Daniele Gesualdo, Anna Tsareva