Combined cycle power station, SPARANISE

EGL combined cycle power station 2×400 Mwe of Spanarise (Ce).
2002 – 2007


Chromatic Frequency


During the design process we have introduced a different approach to the construction of a typical industrial building type, performing a project sensitive to the environment and related to the context. 


Operating with basic material and industrial techniques we have reached sustainable and durable solutions, able to guarantee an high quality in the aesthetic appearance. The main idea of the project springs from the physical law that governs the electrical power:  frequency.


Frequency  becomes here a chromatic frequency that reflects itself in the external coating of the technological buildings. The result is a figurative dissolution towards the top of the imposing façade.


The cladding modular rails are fixed horizontally following an inner logic based on the alternancy of three blue color tonalities that vanishes from the darken one at the base to the light one at the top.


In that way we imagine to produce an optical fading of the volumes, with the effect of reducing their impact and integrating their skyline in the landscape.



Client Calenia Energia S.p.a. – gruppo EGL
Surface areas area 110,000 sq.m; technological buildings 65,000 sq.m; administrative control buildings 2,200 sq.m.
Design Team architectonic project Frigerio with A.Capurro (project manager), F.Biassoni, E. Masala, M. Rossi, A.Venturini
Overall project for structure and facilities Ansaldo Energia Spa
General Contractor and site construction supervision Ansaldo Energia Spa
Owner engineer POYRY Energy srl