Genova Albora residenze

Genova, Albòra reduced ecological footprint residence

Genova, Albòra reduced ecological footprint new residence.
Frigerio Design Group insieme a Carlo Andrea Guidi di Bagno architetto progettano il nuovo complesso residenziale ad Albaro.

The cultivated strip and the dry stone wall, characteristic elements of the Ligurian landscape, are the inspiring elements of the project. Added to this we’ll find a sophisticated hidden technology, to give the building complex high energy efficiency and sensory comfort.

The drywall is reinterpreted with ventilated facades in stone slabs, while the cultivated strip becomes the green roof. The goal is to obtain the maximum area of ??the lot treated in green and to minimize the environmental impact.

The footprint of the building on the ground is reduced to a minimum and the volume remains inserted in the profile of the existing land and is connected to it with the green element that, starting from the roof, is distributed over the different levels. The volumes degrade and reduce from the mountain towards the sea to end in large terraces, where large openings protected by horizontal sunshades, dematerialize the building and optimize its solar exposure.

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