Working with a smile, not simply at the office

Job environments designed to enhance well-being as a major factor in productivity.

When we design a job environment, we picture a place based on trust, on a sense of community and on collective growth.

We start from a study of the interaction with the various spaces and how they are encountered. We want the people inside our buildings to feel a sense of ‘mental well-being’ that is productive and able to strengthen ties with the company and its values.

Only after clearly identifying the internal needs do we bring the ‘outside’ into focus, designing a garment tailored to the body of a company made up of active, thinking, gratified and rewarded people.

Feeling good when one works means giving back dignity in work; Frigerio Design Group’s philosophy is inspired by this principle.



A flexible landscape aiming at total quality

A horizon for inspiration and an oasis for concentration.

Individual workstations, collective workspaces, meeting rooms, leisure and service areas: the office is a sequence of habitats. We always take their specific and various perceptual and psychological aspects into consideration during the design process.

It is a landscape that changes according to the activities and related work needs, made up of open spaces where privacy is protected but at the same time exchanges and meetings are promoted, and made up of cosy spaces where acoustics, microclimate and light have a strategic role in determining sensorial functionality and comfort.

Through a careful and balanced analysis of all these aspects, our work environments change the parameter from quantity to quality.



A sound company in a sound body

Ergonomics as a mental state and corporate state.

In the age of ‘smart working’ and pocket office, ergonomics is first of all a mental state. Every part of a person – mind, body and soul – must find its own balance in order to be in the condition to work well and participate in the productivity of the company.

We design work environments for and on the basis of user needs, comfortable from a visual, ergonomic and emotional point of view, but at the same time able to define the character and the personality of the place.

We design systems of elements fitting to all the different situations, constituted by modular components providing certified high quality, fair cost and simplifying realization through dry installation.

Moreover, in our opinion, technology is not merely an accessory introduced into the workspace after its realization, but it is a fundamental factor that we consider and integrate during the design process: the “internet of things” becomes a crucial element of furnishing and space design, by enhancing its potential and flexibility.



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