The project does not stop at the leave given to the construction, but looks beyond. It brings the man back to the heart with his story and his future.

Enrico Frigerio: explore, create, build


‘Slow’ architect, ‘storyteller’, ‘juggler’, ‘skipper’ – so he has been called, but the most daring of portraits is the one penned by his son in the first grade: «My name is Emanuele Frigerio, I live in Nervi and my dad is a gardener». Naïve certainty but revealing a vision of nature as commitment and respect, a lesson and a warning, bound to human beings and their creativity.

Enrico Frigerio has always geared Frigerio Design Group towards these values, those of an architect who is sensitive to the culture of the place as a good gardener but also those of a professional practicing ‘slow-architecture’, a philosophy that compels you to slow down in order to reach the greatest awareness in building.


Enrico Frigerio was born in Turin. In 1980 he graduated in Architecture in Genova and learned his trade working side by side with Renzo Piano. In 1991 he founded the Frigerio Design Group, making quality and the relationship with the environment its main goal.

Some of FDG’s most significant projects include: the eco-friendly grandstand at the Imola racetrack, Bologna (1991-1992), the RAS Insurance Group’s main office building in Milan (1996-1998), the Sambonet head office in Orfengo (2000-2004), the power plants of the EGL Swiss group (2002-2008) and the Ferdeghini Sports Center for the Spezia Football Club (2012-2013), the Terna’s new power station in Capri (2012-2017) and the Headquarters of Crédit Agricole Italia, Green Life, in Parma (2008-2018).

In 2020, the Headquarter of Arcaplanet in Carasco, the residential complex of Piazza Aviatori d’Italia in Saronno and ZamaSport’s production offices in Novara were completed. The Ferrero Technical Center in Alba are currently under construction.

«Slow Architecture for Living», the Frigerio Design Group manifesto, came out in bookstores in 2005 (published by Skira). In 2006 the travelling exhibition «Frigerio Design Group – A Journey in Slow Architecture» (Mandragora catalogue) started: it opened in Florence and then proceeded to Genoa, Milan, Ferrara, Turin, Palermo and Vercelli. It was concluded in 2008 at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen and at the Prague Museum of Modern Art. In 2008 the firm was invited to the «London Festival of Architecture» within the «Sustainab.Italy Contemporary Ecologies» project.

In 2012 two of FDG’s projects were selected to be shown in the Italian Pavilion at the 13th Venice Biennale and then in Moscow and St. Petersburg, while in 2015 two more projects were hosted at the XIV World Triennial «Values in Architecture» in Sofia.

Enrico Frigerio participated in several events and debates, including: in December 2006, an extensive interview by the WWF on  «Climate generation – efficient by nature»; in June 2007 the conference-interview on «Slow Architecture: instructions for use» at the Architecture Festival of the Milan Triannual; and in July 2008 the roundtable in the spirit of «One Architect One Building» at the XXIII UIA World Congress of architects in Turin. In 2013 he was invited to participate in the event «Tonight we improvise: smart&green – natural design thinking» during Milan Design Week.

In 2009 Libria published «Slow Architecture: instructions for use», an essay summing up the Frigerio-thought on the theme of ‘slow’ building, in August 2014 also an electronic version was published by LetteraVentidue. In November 2010 his book Architettura dell’energia (The Architecture of Energy) was published by 24Ore Cultura and in January 2011 Hachette published the monography Frigerio Design Group for the series «Masters of Architecture». Published in Spain on 17th January 2012 by the publisher SALVAT, the monography has been distributed in Argentina and Peru. In December 2014, LetteraVentidue published «BEHIND THE SCENES, projects behind the scenes», an study illustrating the stories of some projects also through the relationship between client and architect.

In June 2019, GREEN LIFE HQ published by 24ORE Cultura was published, describing the genesis and development of the project for the new Crédit Agricole Italia Headquarters in Parma: a complex intervention for which innovative solutions for the working spaces, for their comfort and environmental sustainability have been designed and implemented.

In August 2020 it comes out for the series “I Maestri dell’Architettura. Collector’s Edition ” volume 41 dedicated to Frigerio Design Group. Each large-format volume of this prestigious series reveals the architect’s vision: interviews, personal reflections or anecdotes from collaborators.


Daniele Bona

Senior Architect

Carola Ginocchio

Senior Architect - Competitions

Fabio Valido

Architect - 3D Artist

Walter Larteri


Marta Verdona


Matteo Roberto


Simone Rota

BIM Manager

Eugenia Dottino

Architect Bim Coordinator

Frigerio Design Group

Sylvie Garrone

Communication and Editorial projects

Sylvie Garrone

Francesca d'Andrea di Pescopagano

Junior Architect

Nicoletta Giacalone

Secretarial and administration

Maurizio Bassignani




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Frigerio Design Group

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Frigerio Design Group

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Enrico Frigerio

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Frigerio Design Group

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Enrico Frigerio

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