Headquarter Zamasport, Novara

Between creativity and industry

Bringing together in one building the dual creative and industrial personality of a company that can be described as the engineering of haute couture.

Fabric, the raw material for Zamasport’s business, with its curves and sinuosity, with its folds and counterfolds, inspires the geometries that characterize the building’s architecture and define its personality in a confluence of creativity, knowledge, craftsmanship and technology. An architectural quality achieved with natural and industrial materials, enriched by details and workmanship that ennoble and qualify its image.

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Years: 2017 – 2020


Lot 9,000 sqm / warehouse 780 sqm / production 1570 sqm / offices 1350 sqm

Frigerio Design Group:
General Coordination
Architectural design – concept, final, executive
Administrative practices
Construction management
collaborators: E. Frigerio con D. Bona (project leader)
Final and executive project: F. Valido, M. Sola, S. Cambiaggio, V. Villa, M. Verdona
Structures: Studio Tecnico Ing. Silverio Tettamanti
Plants – design and DL: Energy Engineering s.r.l
Construction manager: Geom. Massimo Zugnino
Geology and Geotechnics:
Geol. Giorgio Grassi
Arch. Elena Bocca

General Contractor: Notarimpresa SPA
Facers: Gualini
Photographs: Mario Frusca, Daniele Bona

Slow Architecture

  • Prefabrication elements.
  • Hanging green.
  • Bioclimatic building.
  • Natural lighting.
  • Dry mountings.
  • Sensorial comfort.

The surface of the visible prefabricated panel reproduces the vertical drape of a fabric, a rich surface that vibrates with natural light.

The interior spaces are designed with simple, industrial finishes, yet performs to achieve comfort, flexibility and low maintenance over time.

For all planned environments, production or executive, sensory comfort is the common denominator.