Power plant, Sparanise (CE)

Chromatic frequency

In the macro-scale insertion of the industrial complex, the design cue was derived from one of the laws of physics that govern the world of electricity: frequency. The idea was thus to link the very nature of the product of the power plant with its appearance, its communicative identity, and its representation.

In Sparanise, in fact, the sine wave of frequency has been broken down into rectangular blocks, real building modules that, as in a great game of lego, go to make up the architectural profile of the complex.

Three important themes converge in the intervention: an industrial complex to be placed in a natural and landscape context, a large building type to be endowed with architectural quality, and finally to express the philosophy and image of the client.

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Surfaces 110.000 m2; edifici tecnologici 20.000 m2; edifici di servizio 2.200 m2
Frigerio Design Group Progetto definitivo / Progetto esecutivo / Direzione Artistica
Collaborators E. Frigerio con A. Capurro (capo progetto), F. Biassoni, E. Masala, M. Rossi, G. Lavalle, A. Venturini
General design of structures and plants Ansaldo Energia S.p.A.
EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) Contractor Ansaldo Energia S.p.A.
Civil works and erection on site General Construction S.p.A.
Owner engineer POYRY Energy S.r.l.

Slow Architecture

  • Chromatisms coordinated with the territory.
  • Noise pollution control.
  • Fragmenting surfaces with horizontal geometries.

The ‘color frequency’ is expressed on the claddings of the large technical volumes through the use of horizontal and modular cladding panels, declined in three shades of blue.