Pirelli Living Hub, Milano

Architecture in motion

The tread, the synthesis expression of tire performance, is the inspirational element for an iconic building that expresses the company’s brand identity. Slots, grooves, blocks and sipes, typical elements that characterize the tread, inspire the geometries that design the architecture of the building and surrounding areas. All this generates a dynamic and variable architecture, almost in motion.

The planned building, with training classrooms and refreshment space for the Pirelli Campus, is a space designed for relationships where people can meet and socialize, learn and train, work or relax. A landmark for the Pirelli Campus and a landmark for the city, combining the technological and human components.

Pirelli Living Hub features a trapezoidal plan and a volume with a variable cross-section that optimizes heliothermal exposure and and directs its view toward the campus park, as well as defining an outdoor connecting space with the Pirelli Foundation; an indoor plaza thus remains protected from the busy Sarca Avenue, and accommodates access to the two buildings, becoming a place where indoor activities find the right extension to the outdoors.



ClientPIRELLI & C. S.p.A.
Surfaces Lot area 7,000 sq. m.; built-up area 7800 sq. m.; exterior arrangements 2,000 sq. m.
Progetto Architettonico e Coordinamento Generale
Frigerio Design Group S.r.l. / Arch. Enrico Frigerio con Arch. Daniele Bona, Arch. Carola Ginocchio, Arch. Monica Russotto, Arch. Fabio Valido, Arch. Paula Vier. Model: Maurizio Bassignani
Structures Project Redesco Progetti S.r.l. / Eng. Mauro Eugenio Giuliani
Systems Project Ariatta Ingegneria dei Sistemi S.r.l. / Eng. Alberto Ariatta, Eng. Gianfranco Ariatta
Materi Acoustics Project / Dr. Andrea Farnetani and Dr. Nicola Prodi

Slow Architecture

  • Respect for community interests.
  • Prefabricated components.
  • Natural light optimisation.
  • Sensorial comfort.