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Venezia, 11 luglio 2023

We are good when we feel good

In the spaces we design, comfort and emotion are generated by the intersection between the physical and cognitive act. This phenomenon is stimulated by the five senses which, through different influences, create an experiential action
From the examination of a series of realizations, the various perceptive aspects will be declined, to understand how neurosciences can offer an important support and contribution to the architectural project.

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The lecture’s objective is to explore the multi-sensorial experience of spaces and how the design approach integrates neuroscience-based perceptions to meet users’ subconscious expectations. In doing so, we would like to emphasize that your presentation should highlight the emotional resonance of your designs, not only detailing a pragmatic and quantity-driven view of your work. Instead, the emotional facets of design and how they contribute to the user experience will form a key part of the subsequent discussions.

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NAAD ( iss a master course addressed to architects, designers and consultants which aims to train people capable of completing projects and services centred on improving the human experience of architectural and urban space, to be included within design firms, real estate development groups and private and public services management companies. The idea is to transmit scientific knowledge aimed to favor an architectural design able to create attunement between users’ pre-cognitive expectations and multi-sensorial experience of space, according to the perception models developed by the neurosciences.


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