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Breakfast with the Architect / Ivrea
Urban regeneration and industrial archeology

on September 30th Enrico Frigerio will participate in “Breakfast with the Architect” conference on urban regeneration and industrial archeology
moderate by Christiane Burklein

arch.Christiane Burklein
arch. Alex Cepernich [studio Cepernich] arch. Enrico Frigerio [Frigerio Design Group] arch. Christina Knauf [Studio Land] arch. Cino Zucchi [Studio CZA] arch. Marco Piva

Sat set 30th 2023 10:00- 14:00
Salone dei 2000 – Officine ICO
Via Guglielmo Jervis 10015 Ivrea

event organized by

Welc-Home to my house
Visits and Events on Olivetti architecture.
Exhibition of 20th century architecture and design, with visits and unique testimonies of Ivrea’s industrial architectural rationalism.