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Architects meet in Selinunte 2023

Projects and strategies for the new normalities
Enrico Frigerio: Slow Architecture

Venerdì 20 Ottobre | Museo Baglio Florio – Parco Archeologico di Selinunte
ore 19.15

Annual event organized by the Italian Association of Architecture and Criticism led by Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi.

The architecture of the near future” and aims to be an opportunity to address the various facets. The 12th edition of Architects Meet in Selinunte will examine, through the works recently built and built in Italy, how architecture is changing in recent years in both public and private spaces.

Architects, designers, urban planners and experts will take turns on the Conference Stage to discuss the issues of new normalities with the presentation of projects and works from the pandemic to today

The objective of the three days is to examine, through the architectural works recently created in Italy, how both public and private spaces are changing in recent years due to new ways of life determined by numerous and concomitant external causes.

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